If you are on this page that means we already met at the BEZE stand at Amsterdam Wine Festival or Nacht van de Wijn. Do you remember or is it all a little bit blurry?

Let us remind you!

You bought wine at our stand, we gave you a scratch card and you WON! 🎉

We don't know what happened after that...but we bet it was great!

Let's make it even better! 🍾

Just choose your favourite wines, use the discount code at checkout and you will have the order at your doorstep within three days!

About us

BEZE WINES is a wine import business based in the Netherlands, focused on reselling high-quality Bulgarian wines from independent producers.

We aim to provide a diverse selection of unexplored wines to local restaurants, bars, and chefs who are looking to offer something different to their guests.

Our mission is to showcase the richness and diversity of Bulgarian wines.