Meet our New Partner - Tempus Vini

Meet our New Partner - Tempus Vini

As mentioned in our previous blog, this year we want to focus on bringing more Bulgarian grape varieties to the Dutch market. We decided to partner up with Tempus Vini as they do exactly that - popularize the undiscovered.

Kalin Kyushev and his wife established Tempus Vini in 2016, driven by a shared passion for elevating the profile of quality Bulgarian wine. Kyushev's journey into the world of wine began a decade ago, leading to the opening of their Sofia store in 2016, which aimed to showcase small, high-quality Bulgarian wineries. There are 120 varieties in Bulgaria, a large part of them poorly represented and less known at the expense of international varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, etc. The store currently features an extensive selection of 700 labels, with a particular emphasis on the richness of Bulgarian grape varieties.

The couple's dedication to highlighting the diversity of Bulgarian wine led to the creation of their own brand, TEMPUS VINI, in 2019. This venture focuses on limited series crafted exclusively from local grape varieties, emphasizing their unique qualities and the distinct characteristics of Bulgaria's terroir.

Collaborating with the Vidinska Gamza family winery in the northwestern part of Bulgaria, Tempus Vini has produced three notable wines from indigenous varieties—Pamid, Orange wine from Ricat, and the latest addition, a red wine from the Gamza variety, crafted using a special technology. The Vidinska Gamza winery, established in 2004, boasts 50-year-old vineyards, and the collaboration aligns with Tempus Vini's goal of showcasing the merits and unique flavors of Bulgarian grape varieties.

All Tempus Vini wines undergo spontaneous fermentation with wild yeast sourced from the vineyard itself. They are unfiltered and free from additives, resulting in wines characterized by pronounced aromas, freshness, and the pure essence of the fruit. The commitment to showcasing Bulgarian grape varieties has garnered international recognition, with Tempus Vini wines being featured in collections and establishments in countries such as Singapore, Switzerland, Denmark, and the USA, including placement in a Michelin-starred restaurant JATAK in Copenhagen.

Stay tuned for their wines to arrive in the Netherlands during the second week of February!

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